Club Laser Pico with clubhouse in background
Club Laser Pico with clubhouse in background

Club Dart 18 - 4178
Club Dart 18 - 4178

Club Sprint 15 - flying in Force 6
Club Sprint 15 - flying in Force 6

"its a ...." Miracle, the new club dinghy

boat hire

Club boat hire, free to club members in 2020 & booking schedule

2 Pico Dinghies (1 or 2 up), Miracle (up to 4 up) Sprint 15 923 (1 or 2 up with jib), Dart 18 (2 up only)

Currently we have five boats available for day hire by full members on a first come basis.  These are insured and regularly maintained for your use. You may find our boats useful while you decide what boat to buy or if you invite your friends to the club, signed in as visitors crewing with you and need to use a different boat to sail 2 up. 

Our boats are useful too if your boat is out of action under repair and you are dying to go for a sail !

Use of Club Boats:

  • For use by competent Club sailing members who have signed the Club Risk Statement Form
  • To be used only when an SSC patrol boat is afloat.
  • To be booked a maximum of 7 days prior to the day of sailing by e-mail to - booking on the day at the Race Officer's discretion.
  • to be signed out and paid for by donation of £5 for each session the boat is used. Free in 2020.
  • Where demand exceeds boats available booking may be restricted to one day per weekend.

You will be responsible for:

  • Arriving at least one hour before the briefing time to sign out the boat, pay and collect the boat's equipment from the race tower
  • Inspecting the boat prior to using it and deciding if it is fit for your use
  • Care of the boat whilst you are using it and until signed back in by you
  • The safety of you and any crew with you - you all sail at your own risk
  • Putting the boat away and securing it and returning all the equipment to the Race Tower including signing the boat back in
  • Reporting any breakage or defects to the Race Officer or any committee member within 24 hours.

Please contact us at if you would like any further information, we are here to help.

Confirmed bookings will appear on schedule below.


Pico 16200


Pico 6291


Miracle 4103

It's a...

Sprint 15


Dart 18





Club boat booking schedule - 2020

23 Mar              
24 Mar              
6 Apr              
7 Apr              
19 Apr              
20 Apr              
21 Apr              
22 Apr              
4 May              
5 May              
6 May              
18 May              
19 May              
25 May              
1 Jun              
 2 Jun              
8 Jun              
15 Jun              
16 Jun              
22 Jun              
29 Jun              
30 Jun              
6 Jul              
7 Jul              
13 Jul              
14 Jul              
20 Jul              
21 Jul              
3 Aug              
4 Aug              
11 Aug              
17 Aug              
18 Aug              
19 Aug              
20 Aug              
21 Aug              
22 Aug              
23 Aug              
24 Aug              
31 Aug              
1 Sep              
14 Sep              
15 Sep              
28 Sep              
29 Sep              
12 Oct              
13 Oct              
19 Oct              
20 Oct              
26 Oct              
27 Oct              
9 Nov              
10 Nov              


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