SSC News 2022 Autumn sailing at Seasalter

29 October.  Frostbite 3.  Force 4-5, gusty southerly winds, 20 Degrees C. Last race of season, challenging conditions, 7 boats.

Frostbite 3 D18 1st P Shields+ M Dwyer
  S15 2nd Francois + Max Miglierina
  S15 DNS R May
  S15 DNS S Willis
  S15 DNF J Bainbridge
  Laser1 DNS J Wilkinson


8 October.  Storm Petrel 1 & 2.  Force 4. 

Storm Petrel Cup 1 & 2 S15 1st S Willis
  S15 2nd J Willis
  S15 3rd R Matthews
  S15 4th John Bainbridge
  S15 5th D Cramphorn


11 September.  Fowley Island Lite. Variable winds, Force 3-2.  Swale Estuary - Receptive and Sand End buoys. Close racing, duration 1.5 hours.

Fowley Island Lite 1st S15 J Willis
  2nd S15 D Cramphorn
  3rd D18 s/h+jib P Shields
  4th S15 S Pimblett
  1st Laser 4.7 J Wilkinson
  2nd Laser 2000 C,J,J Gilbert
  RTD 420 J & E Easter

Summer Series overall Total - 3,4,7,8, places and points

1st S15 S Willis 4
2nd S15 J Willis 15
3rd S15 J Holmes 15.5
4th D18 P Shields 18
5th S15 E Sales 23
6th S15 John B 23
7th S15 Jane B 26
8th S15 F Miglierina 30
1st Aero 7 B tipple 4
2nd Laser 4.7 J Wilkinson 10
3rd Vortex S Pimblett 14

10 September. Summer 7 & 8. Catamaran and dinghy races. Force 3 N,NW.  Close competition.

Summ'3 1st S15 S Willis Summ'4 1st S15 S Willis
  2nd S15 E Sales   2nd S15 J Willis
  3rd S15 J Willis   3rd S15 E Sales
  4th D18s/h P Shields   4th D18s/h P Shields
  OCS S15 F Miglierina   RTD S15 F Miglierina
  1st RS Aero7 B Tipple   1st RS Aero7 B Tipple
  2nd Laser 4.7 M Dwyer   2nd  L Vortex S Pimblett
    L Vortex DNS   3rd Laser 4.7 M Dwyer


14 August.  Seasalter Classic.  Long Distance Catamaran and Dinghy race. Heatwave!  Force 4 north easterly choppy seas,  Race to Sand End buoy, 3 laps.   

1st Sprint 15 J Willis
2nd Sprint 15 S Willis
3rd Dart 18 P Shields + E Easter
1st Laser Pico R Proctor


31 July. Dinghy Regatta - Races in 25-30mph SW-W winds. Julian and Emily winners overall.

Race 1 1st Pico 7 R Proctor Race2 1st Pico 10 J + E Easter
  2nd Pico 10 J + E Easter   DNS   R Proctor
  DNF Pacer M Lennon   DNS   M Lennon
  DNF Pico F Miglierina   DNS   F Miglierina


30 July 2022  Racing results - Summer 3 and 4  Catamaran and Dinghy Fleets.

Summ'3 1st S15 S Willis Summ'4 1st S15 S Willis
  2nd S15 J Holmes   2nd S15 John Bainbridge
  3rd S15 John Bainbridge   3rd S15 J Willis
  4th S15 Jane Bainbridge   4th S15 Jane Bainbridge
  5th D18 PShields + Katie   5th D18 PShields+Katie
  DNF S15 J Willis   DNF S15 J Holmes
Summ'3 1st RSAero7 Billy Tipple Summ'4 1st Aero7 Billy tipple
  DNF Laser4.7 Judy Wilkinson   2nd Las4.7 Judy Wilkinson


3 July. Club Regatta - 3 races. George Somerset trophy. 

Club regatta - 3 races - cats S15 1st J Willis
  S15 2nd John Binbridge
  S15 3rd John Holmes
  S15 4th Eric Sales
  S15 5th Jane Bainbridge
  D18s/h 6th Paul Shields
  S15 7th Francois Miglierina
Club regatta - 3 races - dinghies RS Aero7 1st Billy Tipple
  Lark 2nd R&R Proctor
  420 3rd J&E Easter
  Laser 2000 4th C&J,J Gilbert
  Topper 5th Max Miglierina


25 June - Racing results - Ace Cup 5 and 6.  Catamarans and Dinghies

Ace Cup Series overall. 5&6. 1st J Holmes, 2nd P Shields+K Baker, 3rd F Miglierina

Ace Cup 5 1st S15 J Holmes Ace Cup 6 1st S15 J Holmes
  2nd D18 P Shields,K Baker   2nd D18 P Shields,K baker
  3rd S15 D Cramphorn   3rd S15 F Miglierina
  4th S15 F Miglierina     RTD D Cramphorn
Ace Cup 5 1st RS Quba B Tipple


Wednesday 2nd November 2022

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