Results for 2018

A season consists of a number of series and each series will have a number of races. We have listed below the series for each fleet for this season. You can click the Series name to obtain a set of results for that series. We have also displayed the seasons timetable below and similarly you can gain race results by clicking the race link.

Season Statistics

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Season Competitor Standings based on Race Position fractions (i.e A race win gets 1 point and the last place finisher gets 0pts everyone else gets a fraction of points between 1 and 0 depending on number of finishers in your fleet + 1 point for racing) thus max points per race is 2.

Name No. of Races Type Fleets Trophy Name Trophy Winner
Summer10ClassFast HandicapSabre Cup 
Summer10ClassSlow HandicapSummer Trophy 
Ace Cup
(Final Results)
8HandicapFast HandicapAce CupPaul Shields
Cedric Wren8HandicapFast HandicapCedric Wren Cup 
Club regatta3HandicapFast HandicapSpark Regatta Punch Cup 
Dickie Wren2HandicapFast HandicapDickie Wren Cup 
Fowley Island race1HandicapFast HandicapRussell Cup 
Frostbite8HandicapFast HandicapFrostbite Series 
Handicap10HandicapFast HandicapHandicap Cup 
Jubilee Cup6HandicapFast HandicapJubilee Cup 
Quart Cup8HandicapFast HandicapQuart Cup 
(Final Results)
6HandicapFast HandicapSallyforth CupPaul Shields
Saturday10HandicapFast HandicapSaturday Shield 
Seasalter Classic1HandicapFast HandicapSeasalter Classic 
Storm Petrel8HandicapFast HandicapStorm Petrel Cup 
Ace Cup
(Final Results)
8HandicapSlow HandicapAce TrophyNick Fehnle
Cedric Wren8HandicapSlow HandicapHilda Rusdell Trophy 
Club regatta3HandicapSlow HandicapSlow Handicap Regatta Punch Cup 
Dickie Wren2HandicapSlow HandicapEades Trophy 
Fowley Island race1HandicapSlow HandicapDinghy Endurance 
Frostbite8HandicapSlow HandicapFrostbite Trophy 
Handicap10HandicapSlow HandicapHandicap Trophy 
Jubilee Cup6HandicapSlow HandicapJubilee Trophy 
Quart Cup8HandicapSlow HandicapSeafire Trophy Dinghy Endurance Trophy 
(Final Results)
6HandicapSlow HandicapSallyforth TrophyJudy Wilkinson
Saturday10HandicapSlow HandicapSaturday Series Trophy 
Seasalter Classic1HandicapSlow HandicapSeasalter Shell Trophy 
Storm Petrel8HandicapSlow HandicapStorm Petrel Trophy 
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