Race Results for Sprint 15 TT 4

Full Sprint 15 TT Results - Subject to Offical Confirmation

Race: Sprint 15 TT 4 11th July 2010
Dutyteam: Steve Willis (RO) Robin Wilkinson (ARO) Mike Jeffrey (COX) Phillip Wiggins (COX) Derek Bluer (COX) Bob Walker (CREW) John Suffee (CREW) David Johnson (CREW) Mike Johnson (CREW) Windpseed:
Force 5
Boat Sail Number PY Helm Name Crew Name Elapsed Time Corrected Time Scoring Code Race Position Points

Sprint 15 Fleet

SPRINT 152007926Erling Holmberg  0 mins 2926 secs3190.84 secsFinished11
SPRINT 152006926Nick Dewhirst  0 mins 2928 secs3193.02 secsFinished22
SPRINT 151923926Tim Seymour  0 mins 3005 secs3276.99 secsFinished33
SPRINT 151206926Mark Hollis  0 mins 3006 secs3278.08 secsFinished44
SPRINT 151594926George Stephen  0 mins 3080 secs3358.78 secsFinished55
SPRINT 152004926Gordon Goldstone  0 mins 3095 secs3375.14 secsFinished66
SPRINT 151978926John Holmes  0 mins 3172 secs3459.11 secsFinished77
SPRINT 151259926David Turnbull  0 mins 3313 secs3612.87 secsFinished88
SPRINT 15 SPORT1331894Martin Searle  0 mins 3233 secs3661.38 secsFinished99
SPRINT 151861926Eamonn Browne  0 mins 3450 secs3762.27 secsFinished1010
SPRINT 15565926James Hurst  0 mins 3692 secs4026.17 secsFinished1111
SPRINT 151515926Keith Pollit  N/AN/ADNF1616
SPRINT 151945926Ian Collyer  N/AN/ADNF1616
SPRINT 15424926Ian Mills  N/AN/ADNF1616
SPRINT 151868926Eric Sales  N/AN/ADNF1616

SPRINT 15 DX Fleet

SPRINT 15 DX1938890Kevin Dutch  0 mins 2813 secs3309.41 secsFinished11
SPRINT 15 DX1914890Ray Gall  0 mins 2840 secs3341.18 secsFinished22

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