Race Results for Sprint 15 TT 2

Full Sprint 15 TT Results - Subject to Offical Confirmation

Race: Sprint 15 TT 2 18th April 2015
Dutyteam: Dave Lincoln (RO) Steve Willis (RO) David J Carter (ARO) Jane Bainbridge (ARO) Caroline Sted-Smith (CREW) Rob Sted-Smith (COX) Steve Sobey (ARO) John Fairclough (COX) Windpseed:
Force 5
Boat Sail Number PY Helm Name Crew Name Elapsed Time Corrected Time Scoring Code Race Position Points

Sprint 15 Fleet

SPRINT 152018Paul Grattage  43 mins 03 secs2768.49 secsFinished11
SPRINT 151838Robert Finch  46 mins 22 secs2981.78 secsFinished22
SPRINT 151938Kevin Dutch  46 mins 39 secs3000 secsFinished33
SPRINT 151980Mark Hollis  46 mins 51 secs3012.86 secsFinished44
SPRINT 151953Chris Tillyer  47 mins 40 secs3065.38 secsFinished55
SPRINT 151890Jon Finch  47 mins 46 secs3071.81 secsFinished66
SPRINT 151871Gary Burrows  48 mins 13 secs3100.75 secsFinished77
SPRINT 151921Steve Healy  48 mins 29 secs3117.9 secsFinished88
SPRINT 151714David Groom  48 mins 36 secs3125.4 secsFinished99
SPRINT 152007Erling Holmberg  49 mins 38 secs3191.85 secsFinished1010
SPRINT 152015Paul Chatfield  50 mins 03 secs3218.65 secsFinished1111
SPRINT 152004Gordon Goldstone  50 mins 33 secs3250.8 secsFinished1212
SPRINT 151970Simon Hare  51 mins 31 secs3312.97 secsFinished1313
SPRINT 15424Robin Wilkinson  56 mins 02 secs3603.43 secsFinished1414
SPRINT 151742John Bainbridge  58 mins 14 secs3744.91 secsFinished1515
SPRINT 151634Ian Mills  58 mins 52 secs3785.64 secsFinished1616
SPRINT 151918Stewart Pegum  1 hr 2 mins 26 secs4015.01 secsFinished1717
SPRINT 151644Paul Shields  1 hr 3 mins 39 secs4093.25 secsFinished1818
SPRINT 151406Joe Baker  N/AN/ADNF2121
SPRINT 151289Andy Bunyan  N/AN/ADNF2121

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