Current Season Seasalter SC Leaderboard

This leaderboard details all members of the club who have won trophies since 1952, competed in events since 2009. The points awarded reflect how well they have done. Current Club members have been highlighted.

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Season Competitor Standings based on Race Position fractions

Season RankOverall Rank Name Seasons Total Points Progress
1Martin Searle0
2John Dutch0
3John Holmes0
6Kevin Dutch0
7Joan Willis0
9Judy Wilkinson0
10David J Carter0
13John Bainbridge0
15Steve Willis0
18Eric Sales0
22Rob Sted-Smith0
23Billy Tipple0
24Jane Bainbridge0
28Caroline Sted-Smith0
30Mike Johnson0
33Ben Hutchinson0
36Karen Baker0
39Paul Carter0
43Mark Dwyer0
47Paul Shields0
49David Oakley0
51Joe Jones0
52Henry Carter0
54Lesley Stafford0
56Mike Lennon0
59Andrew Carter0
60Bob Walker0
69Nick Fehnle0
75Zoe Barker0
106Andrew Runnalls0
133Matthew Oakley0
138Nick Betts0
140Pat Fulcher0
144David Budd0
164Sean Walter-Browne0
165David Cramphorn0
173Duncan Campbell0
175Charlie Jones0
211Chris Gilbert0
214Sally Campbell0
220John Suffee0
222Jamie Oakley0
226Louise Newman0
228Julian Easter0
233Jackie Gilbert0
239Amy Foster0
243Emily Easter0
243 =John Rivers0
258Sophie Kemsley0
261Shaun Pottage0
267Gabriella Oakley0
282Robert Oakley0
282 =Isabel Pottage0
287Kornel Jacyna0
290K Shields0
295Nathaniel Ashford0
295 =Stephen Goldsmith0
304Robert Sterling0
310Emma Cramphorn0
312C Oakley0
313Kris Barker0
320Emily Carter0
323Ian Jenkins0