2018 Season Race Position Fraction (ONLY finished races count)

Race position fractions take into account the size of the fleet being sailed in. It rewards those who do well in large fleets and those who sail consistently throughout the season.

The calculation being done is as follows:

  • + 1 point for finishing the race
  • The sailors finishing place is given a number between 1 and 0 (1 is given to first place and 0 last place) the sailor must have finished the race. Say the number of competitors in a fleet in a race is 3 and you score 2nd place your race position fraction would be 0.5 however if you scored 2nd in a 10 boat fleet you would score 0.9.
  • These two numbers are added up and stored in the races record

The program simply sums all the race fractions given for each competitor to come up with the ladder


Helm Race Pos Fraction Ladder
Position  Name  Total Points 
Paul Shields  16.300 
Nick Fehnle  16.000 
Jane Bainbridge  10.233 
John Bainbridge  9.500 
Joan Willis  6.750 
David J Carter  6.750 
David Adams  4.833 
Jason Muteham  4.333 
Rachel Adams  4.250 
10  Henry Carter  4.000 
11  Judy Wilkinson  4.000 
12  John Holmes  3.600 
13  Rob Smith  3.250 
14  Kevin Dutch  3.000 
15  Steve Willis  2.600 
16  Karen Baker  2.250 
17  Matthew Oakley  2.000 


Crew Race Pos Fraction Ladder
Position  Name  Total Points 
Karen Baker  9.500 
David Oakley  5.000 
Caroline Pomeroy  3.250 
John Bainbridge  2.250 
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