Points: How they are awarded

Points are allocated to your overall score using a number of rules depending on what you have acheived. This page explains what you get points for and the number of points awarded for each element. The actual calculation for a human would actually be fairly simple but extremely labourious since you need to reference a ton of data better trust the computer to do it!.


Trophies is where there are lots of points to be won! People who have lots of trophies tend to be well up the ranking ladder. Trophy points are awarded based on the trophies prestiege value (as defined by the webmaster!).

Trophy Points Summary

Trophy Points Awarded
Olympic Games2000
Helm of the Year1500
Crew of the Year1000
Saturday Shield1000
Summer Series - Dart151000
Spring Pursuit Cup1000
Summer Trophy1000
Saturday Series Trophy1000
Most Improved First Year Helm1000
Dart 18 Shield1000
Summer Series 1st Laser1000
Spring Pursuit Points Cup1000
Sabre Cup1000
Open Fowley900
Lady Helm Cup900
Russell Cup - Club Fowley700
Dinghy Endurance700
Old Club Fowley Trophy700
Seafire Trophy Dinghy Endurance Trophy700
Club Fowley 1st Swift700
Club Fowley 1st Condor700
Club Fowley 1st Shearwater700
Junior Cup500
Novice Trophy500
Seasalter Classic500
Sprint 15 TT Trophy500
Duck Award300
Legends Trophy300
E L Gee Cup250
Ace Trophy250
Jobey Cup250
Cedric Wren Cup250
Vice Presidents Trophy250
Sallyforth Trophy250
Handicap Cup250
Early Morning Series250
Early Bird Series250
Jubilee Series250
Ace Cup250
Frostbite Series250
Seasalter Series250
Vice Presidents Cup250
Koreela Cup250
Dickie Wren Cup250
Cedric Wren Cup250
Koreela Trophy250
Coronation Cup250
Quart Cup250
Eades Trophy250
Frostbite Trophy250
Commodores Cup Dart 15250
General Handicap250
Club Regatta250
Handicap Trophy250
Jobey Trophy250
Seasalter Shell Trophy250
Storm Petrel Trophy250
Storm Petrel Cup250
Summer Pursuit Cup250
Jubilee Trophy250
Hilda Rusdell Trophy250
Ladies Cup250
Sallyforth Cup250
Seafly Cup250
Summer Pursuit - Firsts Cup250
Grace Walton Trophy250
Condor Trophy100
Condor Regatta100
Laser Regatta Punch Cup100
Mirror Regatta Punch Cup100
Spark Regatta Punch Cup100
Fast Handicap Regatta Punch Cup100
Seafly Regatta Punch Cup100
Swift Regatta Punch Cup100
Slow Handicap Regatta Punch Cup100
AMAM Team Racing100
AMAM TR - Slow100

Trophies Listed: 77

Total Trophy Points Available: 34400


Racing is how you win trophies, and also you will pick up various bonus points when you attain certain finishing places or venture out in stronger winds. For example you gain points for entering a race!

Award Points Comments
Duty Bonus15Awarded for doing a Duty (1 per day)
Races Sailed Bonus2Awarded for sailing a race at the club, awarded for each race sailed
First Place in a race Bonus10Awarded for each first place in a race
2nd & 3rd Race Bonus5For each 2nd or 3rd place you get this
Race Finishing Place Bonus(Race Entry (in your fleet)+1)-Finishing PlacePoints awarded for each races finishing place, rewards those who sail in large fleets!
Fast Fleet Wins Bonus10If you have won a fast fleet race you get this
Slow Fleet Wins Bonus8If you have won a slow fleet race you get this
First Place in a Series Bonus20Awarded for each first place in a series
2nd & 3rd Series Bonus10For each 2nd or 3rd place you get this
Danger Bonus10For each race you sail in Force 5 or more you gain these danger points
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