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Members: If you would like to submit reports on races or series that you have sailed in at the club then please send them to the webmaster.

Current Seasons Timetable
Race 1
Race 2
Social Event
Duty Team
Saturday17th MarchHigh Water: 12.41
Height: 5
Sallyforth 1
at 10.45 (Handicap)

 Sallyforth 2
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday18th MarchHigh Water: 13.18
Height: 5.82
Sallyforth 3
at 11.15 (Handicap)

 Sallyforth 4
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday24th MarchHigh Water: 17.16
Height: 5.12
Sallyforth 5
at 15.30 (Handicap)

 Sallyforth 6
(Handicap) to follow


Steve Willis (RO)
Friday30th MarchHigh Water: 12.47
Height: 5.93
Ace Cup 1
at 10.45 (Handicap)

 Ace Cup 2
(Handicap) to follow


Peter Hutchinson (RO)
Saturday31st MarchHigh Water: 13.32
Height: 6.01
Ace Cup 3
at 11.30 (Handicap)

 Ace Cup 4
(Handicap) to follow


Peter Hutchinson (RO)
Sunday1st AprilHigh Water: 14.14
Height: 6.01
Ace Cup 5
at 12.15 (Handicap)

 Ace Cup 6
(Handicap) to follow


Martin Searle (RO)
Monday2nd AprilHigh Water: 14.53
Height: 5.96
Ace Cup 7
at 12.45 (Handicap)

 Ace Cup 8
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday14th AprilHigh Water: 12.34
Height: 5.58
Cedric Wren 1
at 10.45 (Handicap)

 Cedric Wren 2
(Handicap) to follow


John Holmes (RO)
Sunday15th AprilHigh Water: 13.14
Height: 5.74
Cedric Wren 3
at 11.15 (Handicap)

 Cedric Wren 4
(Handicap) to follow


Joan Willis (RO)
Saturday28th AprilHigh Water: 12.26
Height: 5.84
Saturday 1
at 10.30 (Handicap)

 Saturday 2
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday29th AprilHigh Water: 13.10
Height: 5.88
Cedric Wren 5
at 11.15 (Handicap)

 Cedric Wren 6
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday5th MayHigh Water: 16.37
Height: 5.25
Jubilee Cup 1
at 14.45 (Handicap)

 Jubilee Cup 2
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday6th MayHigh Water: 17.12
Height: 5.07
Jubilee Cup 3
at 15.45 (Handicap)

 Jubilee Cup 4
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday12th MayHigh Water: 11.12
Height: 5.3
Saturday 3
at 09.15 (Handicap)

 Saturday 4
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday13th MayHigh Water: 12.00
Height: 5.54
Cedric Wren 7
at 10.00 (Handicap)

 Cedric Wren 8
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday19th MayHigh Water: 16.17
Height: 5.7
Saturday 5
at 14.15 (Handicap)

 Saturday 6
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday20th MayHigh Water: 17.04
Height: 5.52
Jubilee Cup 5
at 15.07 (Handicap)

 Jubilee Cup 6
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday26th MayHigh Water: 11.13
Height: 5.52
Saturday 7
at 09.30 (Handicap)

 Saturday 8
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday27th MayHigh Water: 12.03
Height: 5.69
Club regatta 1
at 10.00 (Handicap)

 Club regatta 2
(Handicap) to follow

Club regatta 3
(Handicap) to follow

Club Regatta at 10.00

Monday28th MayHigh Water: 12.47
Height: 5.71
Handicap 1
at 11.00 (Handicap)

 Handicap 2
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday2nd JuneHigh Water: 15.41
Height: 5.44
Summer 1
at 13.45 (Handicap)

 Summer 2
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday3rd JuneHigh Water: 16.13
Height: 5.32
Handicap 3
at 14.30 (Handicap)

 Handicap 4
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday10th JuneHigh Water: 10.28
Height: 5.19
Handicap 5
at 08.45 (Handicap)

 Handicap 6
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday16th JuneHigh Water: 15.20
Height: 5.88
Summer 3
at 13.15 (Handicap)

 Summer 4
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday17th JuneHigh Water: 16.06
Height: 5.81
Handicap 7
at 14.00 (Handicap)

 Handicap 8
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday24th JuneHigh Water: 10.44
Height: 5.41
Handicap 9
at 09.00 (Handicap)

 Handicap 10
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday30th JuneHigh Water: 14.49
Height: 5.53
Summer 5
at 12.45 (Handicap)

 Summer 6
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday14th JulyHigh Water: 14.19
Height: 5.94
Saturday 9
at 12.15 (Handicap)

 Saturday 10
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday15th JulyHigh Water: 15.05
Height: 5.98
Summer 7
at 13.00 (Handicap)

 Summer 8
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday28th JulyHigh Water: 13.57
Height: 5.53
Summer 9
at 12.00 (Handicap)

 Summer 10
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday11th AugustHigh Water: 13.14
Height: 5.87
Dickie Wren 1
at 11.00 (Handicap)

 Dickie Wren 2
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday12th AugustHigh Water: 14.02
Height: 6
Dinghy Regatta 1
at 11.45 (Handicap)

 Dinghy Regatta 2
(Handicap) to follow

Dinghy Regatta 3
(Handicap) to follow

Saturday1st SeptemberHigh Water: 16.57
Height: 5.57
Seasalter Classic 1
at 14.45 (Handicap)

Saturday8th SeptemberHigh Water: 12.06
Height: 5.64
Quart Cup 1
at 10.00 (Handicap)

 Quart Cup 2
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday9th SeptemberHigh Water: .
Height: 0
Fowley Island race 1
at 10.45 (Handicap)

Saturday15th SeptemberHigh Water: .
Height: 0
Catamaran Regatta 1
at 14.45 (Handicap)

 Catamaran Regatta 2
(Handicap) to follow

Catamaran Regatta 3
(Handicap) to follow

Saturday22nd SeptemberHigh Water: 11.49
Height: 5.24
Quart Cup 3
at 10.00 (Handicap)

 Quart Cup 4
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday23rd SeptemberHigh Water: 12.29
Height: 5.4
Quart Cup 5
at 10.30 (Handicap)

 Quart Cup 6
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday29th SeptemberHigh Water: 15.59
Height: 5.76
Quart Cup 7
at 13.45 (Handicap)

 Quart Cup 8
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday30th SeptemberHigh Water: 16.38
Height: 5.65
Storm Petrel 1
at 14.30 (Handicap)

 Storm Petrel 2
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday7th OctoberHigh Water: 11.49
Height: 5.59
Storm Petrel 3
at 09.45 (Handicap)

 Storm Petrel 4
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday13th OctoberHigh Water: 16.01
Height: 5.76
Storm Petrel 5
at 14.00 (Handicap)

 Storm Petrel 6
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday14th OctoberHigh Water: 16.37
Height: 5.52
Storm Petrel 7
at 14.30 (Handicap)

 Storm Petrel 8
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday21st OctoberHigh Water: 11.07
Height: 5.03
Frostbite 1
at 09.30 (Handicap)

 Frostbite 2
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday27th OctoberHigh Water: 15.02
Height: 5.85
Frostbite 3
at 12.45 (Handicap)

 Frostbite 4
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday28th OctoberHigh Water: 14.42
Height: 5.81
Frostbite 5
at 12.30 (Handicap)

 Frostbite 6
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday10th NovemberHigh Water: 14.01
Height: 5.78
Frostbite 7
at 11.52 (Handicap)

 Frostbite 8
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday30th DecemberHigh Water: 00.00
Height: 0

Things to NOTE:

  • Dates in Highlight are British Summer Time
  • Sign on AT LEAST 1 hour before time given
  • Late Arrivals - please see RO to sign out for second race (at his\her discretion - the sheets will be in the tower after the briefing
  • Second and subsequent races will follow according to breifing instructions
  • Unless otherwise stated at the briefing all races will be of approx. 1hr duration (long distance races approx. 2hrs)
  • Boats not signed back in within 1hr of last race of the day will be excluded from race results
  • 1st Race will start as soon as marks are set
  • 2nd Race will usually start approx. 10 mins after finish of 1st Race - normally about HW Time

Technical Detail of the Websites Race Scoring System:

The scoring system that is used on this website is a bespoke design by the Webmaster (Martin Searle). The scoring system is designed to enforce the whole of Appendix A of the RYA\ISAF rules for scoring of sailing series and races. It is a more advanced version of the scoring systems used by the Sprint 15 association for both series and national competitions (also written by Martin Searle). The main aim is to simplify and speed up the process of working out series and race results and also to allow multiple people to be able to enter the results into the system, since currently just one person does this and as a result has a substantial responsibility. The scoring system has the following major features:

  1. Series can be divided into fleets with each fleet capable of being given a seperate trophy, scoring rules\system (ie normal or personal scoring) and even seperate discard allocation.
  2. Fleets are normally defined as being within a specific PY range for a handicap fleet but can be set to specific classes of boats for class fleet racing Each series can have any number of races and when you enter a new race it is added to the racing timetable.
  3. Race scoring: the race scorer will take the data recorded by the race officer, ie boat class, crew, finish time in hrs,mins and seconds and from that work out automatically what fleet they are in, what their corrected time is and what their position is in the race (adjusted for each new entry made to the race). Race ties can also be handled as can multiple point allocation systems (incl. a high point system of my own design).
  4. Series Scoring: series are scored entirely automatically based on race results using the rules defined for each fleet by the administrator of the system. Any series ties are automatically resolved using the rules from Appendix A8.1 & 2.
  5. Duty Handling and Scoring: The system handles the duties members do and allocates them appropriate race points in the series they have done duties for and have sailed at least one race in.
  6. Trophy Awards: When a series has been completed the administrator can simply click a button on a webform to award the trophy for each fleet to the series leaders. Since a series can end on any race (ie the last races weren't sailed) its not possible to automate this trophy awarding action.
  7. When races and series are scored a news article is posted to the websites news system automatically also the administrator can support reports on both races and series with pictures if they so wish or have been sent material.
  8. Series and Races Result Tables: The system can automatically generate end user results tables easily upon issuing of simple commands in webpages thus it is easy to display these when required.
  9. Statistics System: The statistics system is designed to be a partner system to the scoring system and the stats system combs the race and series results for its stats and automatically updates these when race and duty data is entered.