Duty Teams 2018

Duty Rota 2018 - Part  1    March - June  2018

Any queries please contact sailing@seasaltersc.org.uk 

Duty teams are carefully created to promote: safety, social mix, training and variety.  If you are unable to do your duty, please swap with someone else via facebook, email or telephone.  Only swap with someone who is competent to undertake your duty. Once you have made your swap, let 'sailing' know at e-mail above.  You will see that we are mixing duties up a little this year to induct people into more than one duty, this will add variety and bring a greater degree of understanding and safety to the duty teams.

The note  "on the day" means a decision will be made on the day whether to support with a duty team when numbers sailing and weather conditions are known.


please let the RO know, you can call the tower on the club phone 01227 278615

17 Mar Sat 9.45 John Holmes​ ​David Cleland Lindsey Shefford   Jo Jones Michael Seaman


18 Mar Sun 10.15 Joan Willis Jax Gilbert     Kevin Dutch Chris Gilbert 13.18
24 Mar Sat 14.30 Steve Willis David Cramphorn     Jason Muteham Matthew Oakley 17.16
30 Mar Fri 9.45 Sarah Muteham Jane Bainbridge     John Bainbridge Karen Baker 12.47
31 Mar Sat 10.30 Judy Wilkinson Steve Lott Julie Lott   Mark Dwyer Nick Betts 13.32
1 Apr Sun 11.15 Martin Searle Dave Carter     David Adams David Cramphorn 14.14
2 Apr Mon 11.45 Eric Sales Andrew Runnalls Emily Easter   Paul Shields Julian Easter 14.53
14 Apr Sat 9.45 John Holmes Sally Campbell     Paul Shields Duncan Campbell 12.34
15 Apr Sun 10.15 Joan Willis Suzanne Serfontein Roger Taylor   Paul Carter Zoe Barker 13.14
21 Apr Sat 14.15 OTD Evening Cruise         17.14
22 Apr Sun 15.30 OTD Evening Cruise         18.04
28 Apr Sat 09.30 Steve Willis Roger taylor     Jason Muteham Chris Gilbert 12.26
29 Apr Sun 10.15 Sarah Muteham David Cleland Lindsey Shefford   David Adams Nick Betts 13.10
5 May Sat 13.45 Judy Wilkinson David Carter     Mark Dwyer David Cramphorn 16.37
6 May Sun 14.45 Martin Searle John Dutch     John Fairclough David Budd 17.12
7 May Mon 15.45 OTD Evening Cruise         17.55
12 May Sat 08.15 Eric Sales Russell Lane     Jo Jones Matthew Oakley 11.12
13 May Sun 09.00 Zoe Barker Jane Bainbridge     John Bainbridge Karen Baker 12.00
19 May Sat 13.15 Andrew Runnalls Louise Newman Nick Fehnle   Rob Smith Caroline Pomeroy 16.17
20 May Sun 14.07 Andrew Runnalls Billy Tipple Emily Easter   David Oakley Julian Easter 17.04
26 May Sat 08.30 John Holmes Roger Taylor Suzanne Serfontein   Sean Walter-Browne Chris Gilbert 11.13
27 May Sun 09.00 Joan Willis Sally Campbell     Kevin Dutch Duncan Campbell 12.03
28 May Mon 10.00 Steve Willis David Cleland Lindsey Shefford   Paul Shields John Holmes 12.47
2 Jun Sat 12.45 Zoe Barker TBA     Andrew Carter TBA 15.41
3 Jun Sun 13.30 Martin Searle David Carter     Mike Lennon Nick Betts 16.13
9 Jun Sat 07.00 OTD Morning Cruise         09.22
10 Jun Sun 07.45 Judy Wilkinson Billy Tipple     Mark Dwyer Matthew Oakley 10.28
16 Jun Sat 12.15 Eric Sales Russell Lane     Sean Walter-Browne David Budd 15.20
17 Jun Sun 13.00 Sue Budd Nick Fehnle Louise Newman   Kevin Dutch TBA 16.06
23 Jun Sat 07.00 OTD Morning Cruise         9.45
24 Jun Sun 08.00 Joan Willis Roger Taylor     Paul Carter TBA (Michael S) 10.44
30 Jun Sat 11.45 Steve Willis David Cleland Lindsey Shefford   John Fairclough David Budd 14.49
1 Jul Sun 12.00 John Holmes Jane Bainbridge Sally Campbell   Kevin Dutch Duncan Campbell 15.20
1 Jul Sun 12.00         John Bainbridge Karen Baker 15.20
7 Jul Sat 17.00 OTD Evening Cruise         19.32
14 Jul Sat 11.15 Paul Shields Billy Tipple Suzanne Serfontein   David Oakley Matthew Oakley 14.19
15 Jul Sun 12.00 Sue Budd Jax Gilbert     David Adams Chris Gilbert 15.05
22 Jul Sun 06.30 OTD Morning Cruise         09.07
28 Jul Sat 11.00 Sue Budd Russell Lane     Rob Smith Caroline Pomeroy 13.57
29 Jul Sun 11.15 Martin Searle TBA (Michael S) Louise Newman   Paul Carter Nick Fehnle 14.28

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