2017 - Push the Boat Out - SSC Friends and Family Day

SSC Push the Boat Out  Weekend – Friends and Family Day – 14 May 2017

After a week of strong north easterly winds bringing the predictable choppy sailing conditions with breaking waves along the shoreline, the wind for the weekend changed as forecasted to come from the south west.  A relief in some ways but why Seasalter is blessed with such strong gusty wind conditions who knows!? 

Saturday sailing was not for the faint hearted or those needing to preserve their boats.  Racing commenced with F5-6 winds gusting F7, 33 mph recorded.  Kevin with PaulC as crew aboard the Tornado showed the fleet of Sprint 15’s that the race can be over and won in less than 23 minutes.  Gallant “15’ers” took 35-40+ minutes in testing conditions but enjoyed the challenge.  Two Pico dinghy sailors both with crews, including one very plucky junior age 14, were also not daunted by the winds.  After a break for tea and a break of battens for some, the second race was completed by those still with seaworthy boats to sail!

The evening was the Eurovision Song Contest night  (groan!...) so SSC had its very own version including Eurovision Sweepstake and Eurovision bingo, whatever next!  After much fun the sweepstake was won by Julie Lott, who donated her winnings to the Terence Higgins trust.

Family and Friends Day on Sunday dawned with a shower of rain to clear the skies.  The wind abated slightly to bring a south westerly F4, occasionally gusting F5, with sunshine at last.  Preparations for the day were well underway, with every flag we could find hoisted on flag poles.  By lunchtime the tide was coming in, the clubhouse was buzzing with activity, the duty teams were preparing to welcome our visitors at the safety briefing beforehand.  Club members donated an appetising selection of cakes and other snacks to keep everyone happy for the afternoon’s sailing.  By 2pm 12 boats plus 2 safety patrol boats were afloat.  Most were able to take 1 or 2 guests for a sail in exciting conditions, flat water making for some fast sailing, with Hurricane sailors  MarkH and KevinD flying the spinnaker much of the time.  Guests included many children who couldn’t get enough sailing, hopping from dinghies to catamarans as soon any boat became free!  The beach was crowded with children and families enjoying the sunshine.  As the tide receded all sailors returned to shore around 4.30pm to enjoy a barbeque laid on by Sasha, Freddie, Zoe, Kris and many other helpers.  We are hoping that several visiting friends who enjoyed the sailing will join us to sail as family members this season.

A perfect day ended with relaxing drinks on the balcony watching the sun go down.

Our thanks as always to the duty team for overseeing this event with careful eyes watching out for our safety at all times.


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