Race Results for Sprint 15 TT 2

Full Sprint 15 TT Results - Subject to Offical Confirmation

Race: Sprint 15 TT 2 25th April 2009
Dutyteam: Frank Avery (RO) Peter Hutchinson (RO) Axel Klein (ARO) Jane Bainbridge (ARO) Mike Jeffrey (COX) Graham Hadaway (COX) Ben Hutchinson (CREW) John Bainbridge (CREW) Lindsey Shefford (CREW) Mike Lennon (COX) Windpseed:
Force 5
Boat Sail Number PY Helm Name Crew Name Elapsed Time Corrected Time Scoring Code Race Position Points

Sprint 15 Fleet

SPRINT 15 SPORT1938894Kevin Dutch  0 mins 3338 secs3780.29 secsFinished11
SPRINT 151237931Charles Watson  0 mins 3470 secs3788.21 secsFinished22
SPRINT 152004931Gordon Goldstone  0 mins 3635 secs3968.34 secsFinished33
SPRINT 151594931George Stephen  0 mins 3734 secs4076.42 secsFinished44
SPRINT 151343931Ben Tunnacliffe  0 mins 3755 secs4099.35 secsFinished55
SPRINT 151959931Steve Tunnacliffe  0 mins 3858 secs4211.79 secsFinished66
SPRINT 151840931Keith Chidwick  0 mins 3864 secs4218.34 secsFinished77
SPRINT 151868931Eric SalesAlex Grindley 0 mins 3918 secs4277.29 secsFinished88
SPRINT 151978931John Holmes  0 mins 3968 secs4331.88 secsFinished99
SPRINT 15252931Ben Saunders  0 mins 4003 secs4370.09 secsFinished1010
SPRINT 151335931Chris Stafford  0 mins 4045 secs4415.94 secsFinished1111
SPRINT 151923931Tim Seymour  0 mins 4319 secs4715.07 secsFinished1212
SPRINT 15756931Steve Willis  0 mins 4374 secs4775.11 secsFinished1313
SPRINT 151945931Ian Collyer  0 mins 4389 secs4791.48 secsFinished1414
SPRINT 15640931Andrew Carter  0 mins 4434 secs4840.61 secsFinished1515
SPRINT 15842931Joan Willis  0 mins 4439 secs4846.07 secsFinished1616
SPRINT 15 SPORT1331894Martin Searle  N/AN/ADNF2020
SPRINT 152006931Nick Dewhirst  N/AN/ADNF2020
SPRINT 152007931Erling Holmberg  N/AN/ADNF2020

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