Race Results for Handicap 5

Full Handicap Results - Subject to Offical Confirmation

Race: Handicap 5 26th July 2014
Dutyteam: Bob Walker (RO) Andrew Carter (COX) Windpseed:
Force 1
Boat Sail Number PY Helm Name Crew Name Elapsed Time Corrected Time Scoring Code Race Position Points

Fast Handicap Fleet

SPRINT 151991926Derek Darley  N/AN/ADNF1010
SPRINT 151742926John Bainbridge  N/AN/ADNF1010
SPRINT 151868926Eric Sales  N/AN/ADNF1010
SPRINT 15842926Joan Willis  N/AN/ADNF1010
SPRINT 15756926Steve Willis  N/AN/ADNF1010
SPRINT 151634926Ian Mills  N/AN/ADNF1010
HOBIE PACIFIC 1876798Joe Jones  N/AN/ADNF1010
SPRINT 151978926John Holmes  N/AN/ADNF1010
SPRINT 151644926Paul Shields  N/AN/ADNF1010

Slow Handicap Fleet

LASER 4.71256781207Judy Wilkinson  25 mins 35 secs1295.36 secsFinished11
RS FEVA XL14901240Andrew Runnalls  30 mins 31 secs1498.36 secsFinished22
MIRROR685781390James Wilkinson  N/AN/ADNF77
MIRROR643841390Lindsey Shefford  N/AN/ADNF77
ENTERPRISE192881119Mike TiltonMaddie Tilton N/AN/ADNF77
LASER PICO60801330Mandy Kessler  N/AN/ADNF77

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