Race Results for Storm Petrel Cup 6

Full Storm Petrel Cup Results - Subject to Offical Confirmation

Race: Storm Petrel Cup 6 5th October 2013
Dutyteam: Bob Walker (RO) John Rivers (COX) Caroline Pomeroy (CREW) Windpseed:
Force 3
Boat Sail Number PY Helm Name Crew Name Elapsed Time Corrected Time Scoring Code Race Position Points

Fast Handicap Fleet

SPRINT 151634931Ian Mills  47 mins 54 secs3130.72 secsFinished11
SPRINT 151133931John Long  48 mins 52 secs3193.9 secsFinished22
SPRINT 15756931Steve Willis  49 mins 01 secs3203.7 secsFinished33
SPRINT 151206931Jane Bainbridge  50 mins 43 secs3314.81 secsFinished44
SPRINT 151742931John Bainbridge  50 mins 50 secs3322.44 secsFinished55
SPRINT 15842931Joan Willis  51 mins 10 secs3344.23 secsFinished66
SPRINT 151599931Mark Dowling  51 mins 46 secs3383.44 secsFinished77
SPRINT 15640931Andrew Carter  52 mins 45 secs3447.71 secsFinished88
SPRINT 151406931Tony Alexander  54 mins 27 secs3558.82 secsFinished99
Topaz 14CX6894946Beryl Brooke  N/AN/ADNS1212
SPRINT 151335931Chris Stafford  N/AN/ADNS1212

Slow Handicap Fleet

FIREFLY12291163Robin Wilkinson  52 mins 57 secs2720.03 secsFinished11
LASER1257841097David J Carter  57 mins 10 secs3155.47 secsFinished22
LASER PICO60801330Shaun Milner  N/AN/ADNF99
RS FEVA14901189Andrew Runnells  N/AN/ADNF99
BYTE8711190Valerie Maysey  N/AN/ADNF99
MIRROR643841383Lindsey Shefford  N/AN/ADNF99
FIREBALL85051020Dave LincolnJane Mills N/AN/ADNF99
LASER 4.71256781200Judy Wilkinson  N/AN/ADNF99

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