Race Results for Handicap Cup 1

Full Handicap Cup Results - Subject to Offical Confirmation

Race: Handicap Cup 1 6th July 2013
Dutyteam: Mark Dowling (RO) Andrew Runnells (ARO) Gordon Smith (COX) Mandy Kessler (CREW) Windpseed:
Force 3
Boat Sail Number PY Helm Name Crew Name Elapsed Time Corrected Time Scoring Code Race Position Points

Fast Handicap Fleet

SPRINT 151978931John Holmes  49 mins 09 secs3212.42 secsFinished11
SPRINT 15756931Steve Willis  49 mins 40 secs3246.19 secsFinished22
SPRINT 151742931John Bainbridge  49 mins 53 secs3260.35 secsFinished33
SPRINT 151803931John Dutch  50 mins 04 secs3272.33 secsFinished44
SPRINT 15424931Robin Wilkinson  50 mins 15 secs3284.31 secsFinished55
SPRINT 151634931Ian Mills  51 mins 03 secs3336.6 secsFinished66
DART 186876816Bob WalkerSean Bevan 46 mins 0 secs3428.57 secsFinished77
SPRINT 151868931Eric Sales  52 mins 44 secs3446.62 secsFinished88
SPRINT 151406931Tony Alexander  52 mins 54 secs3457.52 secsFinished99
SPRINT 15842931Joan Willis  53 mins 18 secs3483.66 secsFinished1010
SPRINT 151206931Jane Bainbridge  53 mins 19 secs3484.75 secsFinished1111
SPRINT 151991931Derek Darley  53 mins 55 secs3523.97 secsFinished1212
DART 186613816Chris StaffordLesley Stafford 49 mins 50 secs3714.29 secsFinished1313
SPRINT 15191931Caroline Pomeroy  59 mins 19 secs3876.91 secsFinished1414

Slow Handicap Fleet

LASER II61591065Ben HutchinsonPeter Hutchinson 51 mins 41 secs2996.14 secsFinished11
MIRROR643841383Lindsey Shefford  N/AN/ADNF33

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