Timetable for 2018

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A word of warning relating to the above fleet filter. Class series such as the Sprint 15 TT and Summer series have their own fleets defined, ie Sprint 15 and as such when you limit the timetable to one of the classes only the class series for that class are displayed, you should also use your normal Fast or Slow handicap fleet to see the other events.

Race 1
Race 2
Social Event
Duty Team
Saturday17th MarchHigh Water: 12.41
Height: 5
Sallyforth 1
at 10.45 (Handicap)

 Sallyforth 2
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday18th MarchHigh Water: 13.18
Height: 5.82
Sallyforth 3
at 11.15 (Handicap)

 Sallyforth 4
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday24th MarchHigh Water: 17.16
Height: 5.12
Sallyforth 5
at 15.30 (Handicap)

Friday30th MarchHigh Water: 12.47
Height: 5.93
Ace Cup 1
at 10.45 (Handicap)

 Ace Cup 2
(Handicap) to follow


Saturday31st MarchHigh Water: 13.32
Height: 6.01
Ace Cup 3
at 11.30 (Handicap)

 Ace Cup 4
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday1st AprilHigh Water: 14.14
Height: 6.01
Ace Cup 5
at 12.15 (Handicap)

 Ace Cup 6
(Handicap) to follow


Monday2nd AprilHigh Water: 14.53
Height: 5.96
Ace Cup 7
at 12.45 (Handicap)

 Ace Cup 8
(Handicap) to follow


Sunday30th DecemberHigh Water: 00.00
Height: 0

Things to NOTE:

  • Dates in Highlight are British Summer Time
  • Sign on AT LEAST 1 hour before time given
  • Late Arrivals - please see RO to sign out for second race (at his\her discretion - the sheets will be in the tower after the briefing
  • Second and subsequent races will follow according to breifing instructions
  • Unless otherwise stated at the briefing all races will be of approx. 1hr duration (long distance races approx. 2hrs)
  • Boats not signed back in within 1hr of last race of the day will be excluded from race results
  • 1st Race will start as soon as marks are set
  • 2nd Race will usually start approx. 10 mins after finish of 1st Race - normally about HW Time
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