SSC News 2021 Summer sailing at Seasalter

2021– Club members enjoying sailing at every opportunity, when weather and tide allow!  See video 


12 June - Club Regatta. A fantastic day of free-sailing for 24 boats, 10 cats and 14 dinghies! Families picnicing on the beach and youngsters paddling in the warm sea. As many were out for the first time this season, we decided to forego racing for the relaxing option, cruising with friends on sparkling blue seas.

14 August - Dinghy regatta. Another beautiful sailing day.  This time there were 10 boats afloat,with four deciding to race.  A mixed fleet, Miracle (Rob and Caroline), Laser (Martin S), RS Quba (Billy) and Laser 2000 (Chris, Jax and Jess). Close competition over 3 races with final positions : 1st Miracle , 2nd RS Quba, close 3rd Laser - Martin and 4th Laser 2000 Chris and family.

11 September - "Not Fowley Island Race! ".  As winds were light and we were running just 2 of 3 Patrol boats we took the supposedly "shorter" version around Sand End and Receptive channel marker buoys. Our 8 boats, most sailing 2 up were keen to race but a little out of practice.  Due to a  wind-shift at the start some took 5 minutes to cross the line!  However, with further wind shifts the fleet spent an interesting afternoon rounding the buoys, with choppy water for the dinghies at the mouth of Faversham Creek. As the dinghies took almost an hour and a half to complete 1 lap it was decided we should let them finish while there was still wind and water ; ) 1st - Laser 4.7 Judy, 2nd - Mirror  JohnF (Guest) and 3rd - 420  Julian and Emily.  The 5 cats were keen to continue so completed 2 laps, well over two hours. 1st Dart 18 Rob/Caroline, 2nd Sprint 15 Jane B, 3rd Sprint 15 Eric, 4th Dart 18 Paul S and 5th Sprint 15 Russell/Yasmin.  Needless to say, following the races everyone went for a free sail!

12 September - "Nearly Fowley Island Sail! " With freshening winds on Sunday we couldn't resist another sail down the Swale, this time we all rounded Fowley spit, but not including the island as it was "wind free?!"

Still more sailing to come in autumn sunshine!

Monday 20th September 2021

Video here

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